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Choose from popular brands like Bosch, Hikvision or Dahua and choose CCTV solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Choose from popular brands like Bosch, Hikvision or Dahua. We offer complete HD solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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We offer most advanced security systems with weather-proof construction, ability to sync with other devices and image stabilisation.

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Our technicians are specialists in quality work of Fibre, Coaxial & Structured cabling, security systems, intercom, telephones, the Internet, advertisement LCD, projector screen setups and much more.

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Authorised by Victoria Police under Private Security Act 2004, Dhillon Networks is registered according to Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) as per Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2014.

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Dhillon Networks is an Australian owned one-stop solution for the various type of cabling and mounting requirements. Our service areas include Melbourne Metropolitan, Geelong, Melton and Bacchus Marsh.

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Dhillon Networks is Geelong’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. We supply innovative CCTV and video surveillance products at competitive rates.


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Choose from Bosch, Hikvision, Dahua & much more
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Home Security Alarm Systems Geelong  

Regardless of the size of your house and the number of doors and windows to protect your home if, you want to obtain the best security alarm system, then here we are the best choice for you. In less time at competitive charges, you may take the security solution from us; it will also be beneficial to keep your home secure and safe.

Security alarm systems are divided into two wired and wired configurations. Therefore, you can select anyone as per your desire. To access observation cameras on your Smartphone, tablets, and computer, feel free to visit on home security alarm systems Geelong.

As we all are acquainted with that, alarms can be either wired and wireless. Moreover, people like to go with wireless alarm as it looks more attractive and unique. The great advantage of this security system is that you can skillfully remove it or install it. Moreover, this type of alarm tends to be more pocket-friendly and easy to available. To know more about this system and if you have any query with it security alarm installers in Geelong nice to support you.

Commercial CCTV Installation in Geelong 

To begin with, an observation camera is one of the greatest ways to make sure that your house and business are secure from thieves and any unwanted happening. In addition, the number of associations and residence to mitigate the illicit activities around specific locations has accepted a choice of CCTV cameras.

Moreover, with the support of commercial CCTV installation in Geelong, you may secure your trade atmosphere and enhance productivity and efficiency.

Our camera installation services are more reliable and unique. Thus, several clients like to fetch the lucrative security solution from us.

When you install the surveillance at commercial, you can also see that there will be fewer chances to perform any illegal activities because everything would be under observation cameras.


Business CCTV surveillance systems in Geelong      

Our skilled team 24*7 available to cater to your product necessities and offer the best security system at pocket-friendly charges.

Across Geelong for multifarious kind of camera installation such as home security, business security, and many, more business CCTV surveillance systems in Geelong dedicated company that may deliver high-quality services to you as per your satisfaction level.

For right things and great quality, do not think more call to us and obtain a credible solution in fewer budgets.

For end-to-end, the solution included all the phases, best planning, reliable installation, and branded products once consult with us. It does not matter what kind of requirements you have about your security system in your trade. Our team feels happy to encourage you with modern results.


Home CCTV camera installation in Geelong

If you have planned to go for work and long-term vocations then, at that moment, surveillance cameras are one of the effective’s selections for you to protect your house from anything. House with surveillance cameras is that there are fewer chances for robbing.

Therefore, you can devote peace of mind to your family, friends, and relatives due to proper safety measures. In addition, one of the best benefits of an observation camera is that you may keep an eye on your house when you are outside from there, whether it is related to work and vacations.

Home CCTV camera installation in the Geelong team has been involved in house security for enormous years and provides good security to you. Being a qualified and experienced team crew, you can

  • Expect skilled and best services
  • Great and fastest response
  • Expect a lucrative well-being

Since our professional security solution allows every customer, they can move anywhere with peacefulness and proper security. So do not feel hesitate if you have any query and doubt call to us we will give to you best advice without any cost.


CCTV installation Geelong 

For highly and competitive CCTV installation, a wide range of clients likes to receive great services. Thanks to our revolutionary products and services, which are utilized in several areas like offices, privates residences, and houses? For CCTV installation Geelong we have a well-dedicated team who believe in working with enthusiasm as they are well motivated by themselves.

Our experienced team members always research the superior quality of observation camera products with the bolster of great software. Consequently, you can find out the attractive and unique security solution.


Video intercom installation in Geelong        

Communicate more effectively, and to secure your home, office, and business, you should inaugurate the intercom services in your desired area. We are best to offer a high level of video intercom with the latest camera and video featuring remote control and mobile app. furthermore, for any camera maintenance, repair, and video intercom, do not waste your time once you click on video intercom installation in Geelong.


commercial security alarm systems in Geelong        

Undoubtedly, security is a great technique to feel free from threats and any danger. Although, doing any business means there will be some risk. However, to avoid any risk in your industries, if you are searching for the top and stress-free commercial security alarm system, we consider the best squad to manage any theft of inventory and raw materials to proliferate the productivity of your business.