Professional Home CCTV Camera Installation Service in Melbourne

Dhillon Networks Pty Ltd is one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to supplying and installing home security cameras for Melbourne residents. With years of experience under our belt, we come up with a picture-perfect installation of Home CCTV cameras in Melbourne at an affordable cost, thereby providing a substantial security blanket to their homes.

Why would you need to install Security Cams?

Home CCTV installation in Melbourne like elsewhere is no more a luxury, nor it is anymore a class symbol. It is a necessity. It comes with a string of benefits:

It acts as a blanket of precaution that improves the general security and safety of the
property and its adjoining areas

It addresses specific security issues like antisocial acts, that may encompass physical and
criminal damage, harassment, often caused by irate and insensitive neighbours

It helps to capture quality images of the suspects involved in anti-social activities within the
premises of your property or around it

It helps you to keep an eye on the kids and the pets, even remotely
Security Alarms

How do we work?

We are home to some of the best technicians with a solid knowledge of home security system installation, including CCTV cameras. When you put money on us, we would come up and inspect your home and its surroundings to ascertain your threat perceptions. Then, we would take inputs from your end regarding your security needs and develop the best feasible solution that meets your bespoke needs. We would explain the type, configuration of cameras, and recording device you need and the reasons behind it and take suggestions from your end to develop a substantial and comprehensive blueprint before the installation. This makes the entire operation crystal clear and transparent to you.

Why Us?


We are home to technically sound and immensely skilled security adviser and installers
technicians with years of experience under their belt

Our installers are highly professionals who would go all the way to take into account your
bespoke security needs and come up with the best solution possible

We are amongst the best in terms of quality of installation, so much so that your
investment is truly and effectively justified

We have the expertise in installing various types of CCTV cameras – both indoor and outdoor. This helps us to come up with a comprehensive solution to your home security needs

In us, you will find the reliable cameras from the best brands, which ensures nothing but the best performance at your hour of need

Our flawless installation can minimise the need for frequent maintenance and overhaul –
something that helps in savings

In short, when we come up with home security system installation you can be assured that the security aspects of your home are at the best hands.

Call us Now!

Once you are done with browsing our website to have a fair idea of service and the gadgets that we install call us at 1300DHILLON (1300 344 556). Our experts will be right there to resolve your queries. You can also write to us at

Home CCTV camera installation in Melbourne

With the assistance of security cameras to conserve your home against the unauthorized entry of someone, we are the best service providers in your city to make your life secure and safe. Furthermore, home CCTV camera installation in Melbourne devotes you to the correct solution.

Consequently, you would protect your things from theft. Another thing is that you can save your money if you have installed CCTV in your house. Since the security system encourages you to ignore break-ins, you have to pay less for house insurance.

Our all electricians are skilled in numerous kinds of security solutions such as security cameras, CCTV alarms, and security lighting. We believe in dealing with the latest CCTV brands to set up a superior system to fit your major situation and specification.

To install and supply a credible security system, if you want to contact the competitive team, do not waste your precious time ick on home CCTV camera installation in Melbourne.

What is more, if you doubt and worry about which brworryur requirements, you can call our team and us to deliver the most appropriate solution to you.

As per your crucial requirements and budget, we will inaugurate you wide range of security solutions. It does not matter where you want to install it in your commercial location at your domestic location. Our experts would easily handle every location to deliver guaranteed results.

We specialize in basic observation cameras that would devote you great protection for the exterior and the interior of your house. Furthermore, each supply camera has a wide range of storage. Therefore, this kind of camera may easily store the footage for approximately 2 weeks.

Moreover, for wireless CCTV Installation, you can also consult with us. This kind of camera promotes an abundance of benefits as you can easily install and remove it without any additional cost at your specific budget.

For home and commercial purposes, if you want to install the CCTV, then home CCTV camera installation in Melbourne recommend you always go with the hard-wired system since it includes high-quality footage to search out all aspects in a short time easily.

For your home, if you desire to install the night camera version, then Home CCTV camera installation in Melbourne feel pleased to bolster our all clients. With the help of this, you can develop more protection in your house at the time of night.

Eventually, to save your time and money both if you want to choose the best and trusted association, you should meet with our technicians. They are always ready to give free quotes at any time and free of cost.

For better results, home CCTV camera installation in Melbourne to promote extra security the system would also be connected with a speaker. Therefore, this technique will allow you to communicate with other people from your Tablet and android phone. To obtain a comprehensive solution, if you have some doubts and clear them, you can call us.