Commercial Alarm Systems in Melbourne to Thwart Theft & Property Damage

With the occurrence of theft and break-ins happening more frequently, your commercial property be it your warehouse, business office or shop fronts, needs a straight-forward and sophisticated security alarm system.’

Being the head of your business operation, if you wish to beef up your commercial property security, then Dhillon Networks has plenty of expertise in delivering commercial alarm systems to impede property damage and theft break-ins.

As a premier provider for unique and high-end security alarms for a wide range of businesses all over Melbourne, we know that every set-up has specific security needs. Our experts will discuss your specific requirements with you and provide you tailored packages that encapsulate each of your security needs.

By Offering Tailored Commercial Alarm Systems for All-Sized Businesses in Melbourne; We Provide the Following

Multi-user/multi-alarm/multi zone system set-ups

Top-shelf CCTV surveillance cams

High-end business alarm systems easily accessible via mobile phones

Security systems with access control, motion detection, holdup features, and panic buttons

Reliable ingress protection rated and extreme temperatures security devices

Variety of sophisticated security and alarm monitoring through industry partners for industrial sectors

And a good collection of both hard-wired and semi-wireless security devices for optimal property protection

We Also, Accommodate:

With expert CCTV installation services and a guarantee of quality, you can trust the Dhillon Network Solutions team to help you find the perfect CCTV solution.

Back To Base Monitoring

For Both Existing And Recently Added Commercial Alarm Systems through our monitoring station partners.
Whenever an alarm trigger sets off, they can immediately inform you and even dispatch a security response to your business premise.
(So safe to say; they’ll have eyes on you 24 x 365!)

Business Alarm Monitoring Systems to Have A Close Watch On Your Premises!

This helps you keep a close watch on each of your staff, monitor and record who comes in and goes out of your premises, and any potentially suspicious activities taking place.
Plus, our security team is always on standby- both to provide you with more information on our tracking systems and respond to your urgent security help.
(Request for a free non-obligatory service quote today)

Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions


How Is Our Security Alarm System Programmed?

Once the security alarm system is correctly installed; its programming will include personalized activities like- how it notifies during an alarming situation, what sensor should trigger, what output devices it triggers, when the alarm system starts or stops sound/lights switch off, and lots of other features in its control panel.
(For complete details, let us know your requirements when you speak to our experts.)

Will I Need A Landline Telephone To Ensure My Back To Base Monitoring?

No, you don’t. Instead, we will use a 4G cellular network and other multipath technology from a device added to your security alarm system to reach the control station.
(Get in touch if you wish to know more.)

How Does The Security Alarm Monitoring Work?

Once the security alarm is triggered, security specialists can notify you within the stipulated time of activation. They then respond according to your specified emergency response plan, which may include-
Calling you/or your enlisted contact list o Dispatching emergency help in case of robbery, break-ins, fire, or medical injury
Requesting a patrol car over to your business premise

Will It Be Reliable At The Time Of Duress or Panic?

It will. But it will depend largely on which model and make you choose. The good news is that our range of commercial alarms offered in Melbourne comes with a panic button built-in to its code pad.
During times of duress, when the alarm triggers off and is received by our back to base monitoring control station-
The police can be contacted- all details will be shared with them for a quick response
on a confirmed emergency situation. o And if one of your members reaches our control station and cancels the alarm trigger using a legitimate voice code, the cops will be informed of that too and will still come over to your business premise to ensure everything is alright.
Security Alarms

Speak to Our Registered & Revered Installers in Melbourne

Not sure which security alarm system is perfect for your business premise in Melbourne? 

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Commercial security alarm systems in Melbourne

Undoubtedly, in the current scenario, installing a commercial security alarm is mandatory to keep secure your house, office, and business. In your area, we are treated as one of the superior companies to deliver the advanced digital security system is fewer charges. At minimum cost for the best commercial security alarm systems in Melbourne, you should contact us if you want to deal with experts.

For maximum building security to receive the great quality of security alarms, do not compromise with the security needs. Just call us and get your desired results. We will deliver to you complete supply, install as well as monitors to enhance your better production.

Furthermore, setting up eyes and ears in every nook and the corner commercial security alarm systems in Melbourne bring you perfect security.

What is more, your commercial security system needs to develop on behalf of your requirements because the availability of a wide range of CCTV and alarms in the marketing may make you more confused about brand and cost.

Therefore, you need to meet with our experts, as they are fully experienced and licenses in this field. Consequently, to meet your design and installation requirements, they would inaugurate your competitive services.

Our crew would effortlessly manage your alarm as well as observation camera installation. Thus if you want that, there will be no specific gap in your security once you consult with a squad of commercial security alarm systems in Melbourne.

We believe in giving the best solution to every customer as our highly efficient monitoring and alarming services can effortlessly manage your home security and different situations at pocket-friendly prices.

Moreover, it does not matter for us your security desires are small and large because we deliver you the best alarm security system that would suit your requirements.

With the enlargement of different types of brands, including Bosch, Tecom, hills reliance. It means that commercial security alarm systems in Melbourne recommend you the lucrative security results, not the one that we are associated with.

Our services will be suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Over the last few years, one of the studies concluded that the number of people using security alarms had proliferated sharply, which means security alarms accessible to more denizens even before.

Suppose you are concerned about your house doors and windows. No worries that commercial security alarm systems in Melbourne will give you wireless camera solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Our wireless system is easy to install and remove. Therefore, do not take stress about its installation, as it is completely cable-free and reliable.


Major pros of security alarm system.

  • Fabulous range as its support to cover large area clearly and accurately Superb battery power because your camera will long-lasting without having to depend upon mains power
  • Easy to move from one place to another because if you are going outside to your home, then with the support of wireless alarms, you can do effortlessly
  • Fast, safe, and economical installation

Commercial security alarm systems in Melbourne allow you to have full coverage without any wiring.