Affordable Business CCTV Camera Installation

An effective and high-quality CCTV security system helps to add extra security to your business property. A properly installed security camera network can help you monitor and record the activity in and around your business premises for ensuring that your employees are safe from any external threat and are also productive and justifying the production hours to the fullest extent. Our specialized cameras such as people counting, parking system, heat mapping cam (to analyze customer’s flow), customer/staff fever scanning access control integration are some of the specialized types of cameras a supermarket or shopping center’s security management would love to have. It will also help you monitor your business’s critical areas and ensure that everything is what it ought to be!

Therefore, you see, a perfect commercial CCTV camera installation in Melbourne will do a world of good to ensure your business’s safety and security and pave the way for further prosperity of your business endeavor.

Our Business CCTV Camera Installation – how does it make a difference?

This is where we at Dhillon Networks Pty Ltd hit the headlines with some impeccable business security systems installation in and around Melbourne. We are home to some of the best and technically most sound and the most experienced & skilled technicians who will consider your bespoke security needs and come up with a flawless, comprehensive installation. Indeed, when you put money on us, we ensure that we provide you the best solution that will add to the security of your business assets.

What do we emphasise during the installation?

The unique selling point of our business CCTV installation in Melbourne is that we take a holistic view while chalking the plan and strategizing the functionality of the setup. We not only ensure a strict vigil of the surroundings of your business area but all the strategic locations where security breaches and other uncalled-for incidents are prone to take place, the storage areas, and the high-value locations.

Why Dhillon Networks?

At Dhillon Networks Pty Ltd, we align ourselves with the best and the most reputed security vendors in our effort to come up with the most versatile, time-tested, and trustworthy solutions from the best brands at a reasonable price.

We are well familiar with every type of the very latest, state of the art security cameras, including the HD, the all-weather infrared cameras that come in various shapes & sizes, and cutting-edge technological features, which you can access and control even remotely. In short, we will come up with security solutions that will meet your present-day business and security needs.


We only deal with trusted brands to offer innovative CCTV and video surveillance products, tailored to your specific needs.

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