State of the Art Video Intercom Systems Installation in Melbourne

Video intercom systems are an inseparable part of security systems for homes as well as commercial properties. With the security threat perceptions changing and robbers and burglars getting smarter and smarter, and increasingly creating, installing effective and high-quality video intercom systems for home and commercial properties from the best brands has become an imperative at present.

This is where putting money on Dhillon Networks security system will count. We are home to some of the best technicians with years of experience in setting up video intercom systems in Melbourne and optimising your security set up of your property effectively.

Installing the Right System for Your Property

installing an alarm system at the front gate of your property is the best way to make the most of these gadgets. At Dhillon Networks, we come up with a wide range of the very latest state of the art intercom systems and access control system from the best brands.
Our installers amongst the best in Melbourne, and when you spend money with us, you can be assured of the best solution you can ever have for your video intercom system and access control system.


Why should you install a Video Intercom System?

Once you install a video intercom system at the gate, it will give you the option of having a vigil at those who arrive at the gate and remotely strike a conversation with them on top of this an integrated access control system can let you give access to the person at the door/gate with just a push of a button from the indoor station . Moreover, it will give you the chance to keep a watch on the strangers once they arrive.

Why is an effective Video Intercom a perfect solution?

These video intercom systems are excellent gadgets not only for safety and security purposes but for communication as well. In households, more so in larger ones, they can be used as a medium of communication between the occupants of the households or unattended reception.

Why installing a Video Intercom System at the gate is the best thing to do?

Simply because, it will help you to remotely take a look at the person standing at the gate and decide whether to entertain the person or not.
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