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Looking for flat screen TV wall mounting services in Melbourne? At Dhillon Networks, we are committed to providing the best TV mounting service to all Melbourne residents. Our certified technicians are experienced with TV wall mount installation in both residential and commercial properties. We are qualified TV mounting professionals who can give you the best solution for your audio visual needs.

$199 to Wall Mount TVs up to 65 inches

Mounting and installing a TV to the wall is a time-consuming activity. It includes a long and strenuous process, as you have to be extra careful with the tools and equipment. Moreover, to properly mount and install the flat screen TV, a proper assessment of the settings is necessary. Without a proper evaluation, the installation process may result in additional holes and tangled cables.

We are offering our TV mounting service at a very competitive price of $199 including GST for all TVs up to 65 inches. Upon request, we can also help you install additional audio visual equipment as a part of our home theatre installation. To further discuss your options on the installation, call us at 1300 344 556 or request a quote online.

Initial Assessment by TV mounting Specialists

Most people tend to forget that each establishment is different. Neglecting this fact can be a mistake. There are a lot of considerations to be taken note of during the initial assessment. The considerations include, but not limited to, the electricity setting of the building and where the TV is to be mounted. Both setting up and installation of the TV wall mount depend heavily on the initial assessment done by the TV mounting specialists.
As this is a really important aspect of the installation, it is recommended to hire an experienced and qualified TV mounting installer. Professional TV Wall Mounting technicians can help you with the initial assessment of the settings. They may also provide consultation on the best TV mounting solution for your premises. Furthermore, they will save you from all the time and hard work required to install the TV mount.

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Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Installation Service

Technicians at Dhillon Networks specialise in LCD, LED and Plasma TV wall mounting installation. We will provide expert advice on the TV wall bracket that would fit your specific needs. It is a given that we are also skilled in installing any kinds of brackets. As a part of the installation, we will make sure that all eligible cables are concealed. Our professional technicians are ready to provide the best TV wall mounting solution to all residential and commercial premises across Melbourne.


Wall mounted flat screen TV enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space in your premises. We only deal with trusted brands to offer innovative CCTV and video surveillance products, tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is your office’s meeting room or the living room in your house, having a wall mounted flat screen TV will give an organised and clean look for your room. In addition to that, it will help you save a considerable amount of space for any other pieces of furniture you might want to have in the room. It is an excellent way to make yourself feel even more comfortable in your place while leaving a good impression for any visitors.


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